Risk Management & Compliance

HITRUST, in collaboration with the private sector, government, technology, and information privacy and security leaders, has established the HITRUST CSF, a certifiable framework that can be used by any organization that creates, accesses, stores or exchanges sensitive information. The HITRUST CSF harmonizes multiple frameworks, standards, state, federal and international regulations, and leading practices into a single framework. The HITRUST CSF addresses industry-specific challenges by leveraging and enhancing existing frameworks, standards, and regulations to provide organizations of varying sizes, geographic operation, and risk profiles with prescriptive implementation requirements and guidelines.

The HITRUST CSF is a scalable, prescriptive and certifiable framework that harmonizes numerous standards, regulations, control frameworks and leading practices.

The CSF Assurance Program is the oversight and assessment methodology governed by HITRUST and designed to address regulatory and business needs.

The MyCSF Risk Assessment Platform (SaaS) is a secure, web-based solution for assessing against the HITRUST CSF or any of its harmonized standards, regulations, control frameworks, and authoritative sources to manage compliance and measure risk.

The HITRUST Academy provides education to individuals about the HITRUST CSF Assurance and De-Identification processes.

HITRUST’s Assess Once, Report Many Approach

What’s your organization’s priority when it comes to managing cybersecurity risk and demonstrating compliance? For many CISOs, the most urgent need is focusing on managing cyber threats and improving their cyber resilience while also communicating the effectiveness of their information security program to various audiences – processes for which are significantly aided by the HITRUST CSF and CSF Assurance Program.


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HITRUST understands information risk management and compliance and the associated challenges of assembling and maintaining the many and varied programs. Our integrated approach ensures all components are aligned, maintained and comprehensive to support an organization’s information risk management and compliance program.


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